One of the most common heart disease is heart failure.

It occurs when your heart can't pump enough blood to meet your body's needs. Patient getting up the stairs is having a shortness of breath like afer running a marathon.

40,2% of heart failure patients have treatment complicatons and are readmited within three months of discharge.*


Heart disease patient home treatment support cuts complicatons by 75%.

We help patients stay safe at home and optimize costs for hospitals + insurance companies.

value for patient:

everyday companion helping with home treatment

value for doctor:

decision support tool to optimise patient therapy

CardioCube AI software works with wide range of voice-first devices.

CardioCube AI Software presents medical data as web-based visual actionable insights.

Our system suggests how to reduce adverse events: decompensation, hospitalisation, mortality.


Tom Jadczyk

MD Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer

Cardiologist and clinical-scientst. Published in leading journals (IF=68, H-index=9). Worked with University of Bristol, Imperial College London, University of Louisville and A*STAR.

Oskar Kiwic

Chief Executive Officer

Inventor and entrepreneur. Launched his first startup at 21. TEDx speaker. Prestgious awards finalist i.e. MIT Innovators Under 35. Research Fellow at Internatonal Society of Hypertension.

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Przemek Magaczewski

JD Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer

Lawyer. Specialist in IP law. 15 years of experience in providing support for entrepreneurs. Internatonal experience working at i.e. law firm associated with Dentons and leads his own law firm.

Patryk Stawarz

VP of Operations

Filmmaker, photographer, copywriter. Experienced in content producton, social media and marketng. His short films won several awards, i.e. Ars Independent Film Festval.

Marceli Wac

DevOps Manager

Certfied Amazon Alexa Developer. Specializing in deep-learning voice interface systems. 5 years of professional experience in web applicatons and full-stack development.

Chris Grabowski

Ph.D. Eng.

VP of Engineering

Designer with nearly 10 years of experience in the field of engineering and product design. Involved in strategic planing and roadmaps development for startups and corporatons..

Nika Kubacka

Office Manager

Steven S. Brooks


Head of U.S. Regulatory

Wojciech Wojakowski

MD Ph.D.

Head of Clinical Trials


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